A Deeper Dive on Easter: Part 4

Easter morning. This is when the impossible happens.

For Christians, this is the defining moment. Christ overcomes every adversity, including and ultimately death, when he rises on Easter morning.

For me, it is the fulfillment of the promise that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible when you keep the faith.

All things are possible with God.

I love that.

It is this spirit of possibility that has kept me going in the toughest of times.

It also expands the scope of my dreams when life is humming along just fine.

Easter inspires the idea of living a resurrected life.

By that I mean living a life that breaks through limits and dares to reach for the impossible.

It is a life where miracles happen.

It is a life where everything you need to experience the transformation you want and need flows in at just the right moment.

On Easter, its easier to abandon the confines of our human perspective and get a glimpse of what could be from a more Divine vantage point.

Easter is a day overflowing with joy.

My greatest ambition is to carry a little bit of Easter, and the hope and infinite possibility this day embodies, with me every moment of every day throughout the year.

Even if the Easter story is not something you take as gospel, I absolutely believe that the ability to rise up and shine, no matter what hardship you face, is possible for everyone.

In the spirit of Easter, I’m sending you love, light and prayers that the light of the spirit that is in each of us shines with a radiance that illuminates every aspect of your life!



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